When you enter a parking lot, you probably notice the markers on the asphalt. There are lines indicating parking spots, cross walks, and arrows that point you in the direction that you need to go. Companies that do parking lot striping in Trinity FL use federally approved traffic marking paint to create these markings on the asphalt. These indicators provide necessary information to keep people in parking lots safe.

Can you use regular paint on asphalt?

The short answer is no. In order to create long-lasting markers on the asphalt, you need to use federally approved traffic marking paint. 

What is the difference between regular paint and traffic marking paint?

Traffic marking paint is durable. Regular paint, like house paint, or spray paint can not withstand constant vehicle traffic. However, traffic paint is much more durable and will last longer. Additionally, utilizing parking lot sealcoating in Trinity FL will help make the markers on your parking lot last as long as possible. 

Traffic marking paint is federally approved to be used on asphalt. Companies that do parking lot striping should use traffic marking paint that is federally approved. Using this approved paint not only insures the quality of the paint being used, but it also helps with passing your parking lot inspection.

Is traffic marking paint the only thing that is used to create road markers?

Though we use traffic marking paint when doing parking lot striping in Trinity FL, thermoplastic can also be used. Thermoplastic is melted plastic used typically to mark roads. It is noticeably thick and not level with the asphalt that it is on. Thermoplastic is much more durable than traffic marking paint, which is why it is used on roads. It is not commonly used in parking lots, though you might see it in entrances and exits that experience more traffic. 

Parking lot sealcoating

Want your parking lot striping stand out more and last longer?

Sealcoating can help with that. Not only does sealcoating protect parking lot markers, but it also prevents oxidation of asphalt (which helps asphalt keep it’s dark black color), stops weather damage and prevents the penetration of water, reduces the long-term repair costs, and creates a clean, well-kept look for your parking lot. By utilizing our parking lot sealcoating in Trinity FL, you can save money and maintain nice parking lot that provides a professional outlook for your business.