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Can You Put Asphalt Over Concrete?

Say you have a concrete parking lot, but you want to make it an asphalt parking lot. Can you just put the asphalt over the existing concrete? While it is possible, we do not recommend it. Applying asphalt over concrete can lead to the asphalt cracking. Instead, we advise that you have the concrete lot dug up, and then have the asphalt put down. Most asphalt contractors in Trinity FL will be able to do this for you. 

Asphalt cracking

Though it is possible to put asphalt over concrete, the asphalt will begin to crack. This is because the concrete will crack underneath the asphalt. 

Concrete expansion joints

Expansion joints can also cause issues with asphalt applied over concrete. Expansion joints are spaces between pieces of concrete that allow for the concrete slabs to move individually. This prevents cracking of the concrete due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature. When asphalt is put on top of concrete with expansion joints, the leveling differences can lead to cracks in the asphalt. 

How to switch from a concrete lot to an asphalt lot

The best way to change your parking lot from a concrete parking lot to an asphalt parking lot is by removing the existing concrete. This is done by breaking and digging it up. After the concrete is gone, a base material should be put down before the asphalt is laid. The typical base material that asphalt contractors in Trinity FL use is a two to three inch layer of aggregate. Aggregate is finely graded rock and shell that is also used within asphalt mixtures. After the base is laid, the asphalt can be put down. 

Caring for your new asphalt parking lot

After your asphalt parking lot is put down, we recommend sealcoating it to protect it from weather and traffic damage. Asphalt sealcoat is a tar-like substance that helps bind the asphalt together and makes the asphalt look darker in color. After sealcoating, parking lot striping can be done to add markers such as parking spot indicators and crosswalks.

Asphalt repair in Trinity FL

Are you looking to change your parking lot from asphalt to concrete? We can help! Bay Area Asphalt Maintenance has been providing asphalt repair in Trinity FL since 2003. We specialize in asphalt application, asphalt repair, sealcoating, and parking lot striping.