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How Do You Repair Potholes in Asphalt Roads?

Potholes are a very common occurrence in Florida. Whether they occur in roads or parking lots, the best way to keep drivers safe is to repair these potholes as soon as possible. Although there are ways to fix potholes on your own, we recommend you contact a company that does asphalt repair in Trinity FL for the most durable and professional-looking results. 

Ways to repair a pothole in asphalt

Though there are many ways to fix a pothole in asphalt, the most durable, long-lasting and best looking way to do it takes a few steps:

Step 1: Square out the area of the pothole with a saw

Step 2: Remove any debris, weeds, dirt and loose gravel from the hole

Step 3: Lay down gravel and sand as a base until you only have an inch and a half of the hole left open

Step 4: Fill the remainder of the hole with asphalt

Step 5: Use a plate compactor to tamper the asphalt down to make it even with the rest of the road

Asphalt contractors in Trinity FL offer this service, and we recommend having a professional fill your potholes for the best outcome.

It is also possible to just do an overlay of new asphalt to repair the hole. However, squaring it out and going through the rest of the process makes it look cleaner. It gives the patch an even square look as opposed to whatever shape the pothole was.

You can also use cold patch to fill potholes, but we do not recommend using this method. Cold patching asphalt is not as durable, long-lasting, and does not look as clean as the hot asphalt that is used when it is done professionally. Sometimes when patching up asphalt, using cold patch is the better option, say if you just want to patch up a small hole that cars wouldn’t be driving over often. However, it is not a great option when it comes to patching potholes.

Asphalt contractors in Trinity FL

Are you looking for a professional to help with asphalt repair in Trinity FL? Bay Area Asphalt Maintenance has been an asphalt contractor in Trinity FL since 2003, and we provide asphalt repairs, as well as parking lot striping and sealcoating. We would love to provide these services for you!

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