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How Long Should Sealcoating Last?

Sealcoat is a tar substance that protects asphalt from fading and breaking down due to exposure to water, UV rays and oils. It also restores the black color to asphalt after it has faded. This makes the markings stand out more on the parking lot and adds appeal to the property. So how long does sealcoating last? As a company that does asphalt repair in Clearwater FL, we have found that sealcoating lasts about two years and that routine sealcoating makes asphalt last longer.

When and how often you should sealcoat

Asphalt can be sealed as early as 90 days after it is placed down. However, we recommend that you get your parking lot sealed within 9-18 months after the asphalt is laid. After the initial sealcoating, you should reseal your parking lot every two years to protect against fading and breakdown.

The effects of routine sealcoating

Sealcoating every two years helps extend the life of your parking lot. With sealcoating, asphalt typically lasts twice as long than asphalt without sealcoating. In other words, sealcoating extends the life of asphalt and delays the need for resurfacing.

If you are looking for parking lot sealcoating in Clearwater FL, it is especially important to stay up to date with sealcoating. The constant exposure to UV rays and the frequent rain we experience in this area makes asphalt fade and erode quickly. Sealcoating every two years can help prevent this.

Before and after sealcoating

Before you sealcoat your parking lot, we recommend asphalt repair in Clearwater FL as well as filling any cracks that may be present. Sealcoat does not fill cracks or holes – it just covers asphalt that is already there. Repairing these damages to your asphalt before sealcoating will result in a more uniform look to your parking lot because the sealcoat will make the repairs and original asphalt all the same color.

After you sealcoat your parking lot, you will need to restripe it. The markings will be covered by the sealcoat, so they will need to be redone in order to be seen. Once your parking lot is sealed and striped, you should wait 24-48 hours before allowing traffic back on it.

Parking lot sealcoating in Clearwater FL

Are you looking for parking lot sealcoating in Clearwater FL? We can help! Bay Area Asphalt has been serving Florida since 2003. We provide services such as sealcoating, asphalt repair and parking lot striping.

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