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How Much Does Parking Lot Striping Cost?

The cost of parking lot striping is dependent on many factors. There is no set price that we offer based on the size of your parking lot. Pricing varies based on what markings you wish to have on your parking lot and if you want signs installed. If you are looking for parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL, the best way to determine the cost is to talk to the company directly so that they can give you an estimate specific to your wants and needs.  

Factors that determine the cost of parking lot striping

Rather than being determined by the size of the parking lot, the cost of striping depends on how much is being done to the parking lot. Here are some markers that are commonly added to parking lots during striping:

  • Traffic flow arrows
  • Stop lines
  • Parking spot indicators
  • Cross walks

Basic parking lots that add just enough striping to meet ADA guidelines will cost less than a more complicated lot. Most companies that do sealcoating and striping in Palm Harbor FL will also paint parking lot curbs and install signs such as stop signs and handicap signs, which is an additional cost.

Common specialized parking lot markers

In addition to basic parking spot indicators and traffic arrows, there are other more specialized markings that may cost more. These are a few examples:

Handicap spots: Handicap parking spots require more than two lines. The painted handicap symbol, along with the sign that indicates that it is a handicap spot, add to the price of striping services.

Designated parking spots: Adding indicators for designated parking spots, such as resident spots or manager spots, will also cost more. 

Sign installation

Striping on asphalt is not the only way markers are added to a parking lot. Signs, such as stop signs, one-way signs and handicap signs are also important. The price of sign installation depends primarily on where the sign is being placed. If it is being put in landscaping, such as grass or mulch, it will be less expensive because it is easier and quicker to install. Putting signs in asphalt or concrete is a more complex process that requires drilling a hole in the parking lot, as well as filling the space around the pole of the sign. Because of this, placement in these areas will likely cost more. At Bay Area Asphalt, we offer both sign installation and parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL.

Sealcoating and Striping in Palm Harbor FL

Bay Area Asphalt has offered sealcoating and striping in Palm Harbor FL since 2003. If you are looking to stripe and sealcoating your businesses parking lot and would like to inquire about the estimated cost of your project, we would love to work with you!