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How Often Should You Sealcoat an Asphalt Parking Lot?

Sealcoat is a tar substance mixed with sand that protects asphalt against fading and breakdown from exposure to water, UV rays, oils and gas. It makes asphalt look black again, which can add appeal and make your business or building look more professional. As a company that does parking lot sealcoating in Clearwater FL, we have a few recommendations about when and how often you should sealcoat an asphalt parking lot. 

New asphalt 

Asphalt can be sealed as early as 90 days after it has been put down. That being said, this is not necessary. We recommend that a freshly paved parking lot is sealed within 9-18 months after the asphalt is laid. After the first sealcoat is applied, we recommend that you get your parking lot sealcoated every two years for the best results.

What does bi-yearly sealcoating do?

The lifespan of an asphalt lot is primarily dependent on how much traffic it experiences. The more traffic it gets, the sooner you will have to repave it. However, if you stick to sealcoating your parking lot every two years, it can double the amount of time the asphalt will last before your parking lot needs to be repaved. For example, if your parking lot has a lifespan of 5 years without sealcoating, it would last 10 years if it were sealed. 

Before sealcoating

Sealcoat will not repair cracks or potholes in your parking lot. Though it is not required, it may be a good idea to repair these things before it is sealcoated. Repairing cracks and holes before sealcoat is applied will give your parking lot a more uniform look, as opposed to waiting until after the lot is sealed, because it will prevent the repairs form standing out as much. If you are looking for parking lot sealcoating in Clearwater FL, most companies offer both sealcoating and repair services.

After sealcoating

Applying sealcoat will cover up any markers that you may have had on your parking lot. This means that striping is required to reapply those markers. Striping can be done as soon as 24 hours after the parking lot is sealed. Traffic can then be let onto the parking lot 24-48 hours after sealcoating. 

Asphalt contractors in Clearwater FL

Are you looking for an asphalt contractor in Clearwater FL or the surrounding area that can provide sealcoating, striping or asphalt repair services? We would be happy to help. Bay Area Asphalt has been serving Florida since 2003 and would love to provide these services for you, as well as answer any additional questions you may have. 

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