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What Do You Use to Fill Cracks in Asphalt?

Cracks in asphalt are common over time. You may realize that there are multiple cracks in your business’ parking lot or driveway. So how do you fill those cracks? To fill cracks, you need a substance called crack filler. Although you can by crack filler at the hardware store, it is better to find a company that does asphalt repair in Clearwater FL for a cleaner and more professional outcome. 

What is crack filler?

Crack filler is a rubberized asphalt material used to fill cracks in asphalt lots, roads and driveways. Typically, it is applied with a hot filler. A hot filler keeps the crack filler hot and slowly drips out the filler into the crack to repair it 

What should I do before I fill the cracks?

Before repairing cracks in asphalt, be sure to clean out any weeds, dirt, gravel, or debris. This makes for a cleaner and smoother looking repair.

Can I purchase crack filler?

Yes, you can purchase crack filler yourself. However, it is better that the filler is hot when it is applied. Hot crack filler flows easily and rubberizes quickly, making application quick and trouble-free. Crack filler that you buy from the store will not be hot unless you have a hot filler to warm it up and keep it warm during the repair process. Additionally, if you have this service done professionally, it will look more appealing and last longer than if you were to apply it on your own. 

What can I do to prevent cracks in my parking lot?

Sealcoating is a way to prevent asphalt from oxidizing and cracking. Sealcoat is a tar substance that can be applied over asphalt as early as 90 days after the asphalt is laid. However, we suggest that you get your parking lot or driveway sealcoated after 9-18 months. After sealcoat is applied, you will need to have your parking lot markers redone. We are a company that provides parking lot striping in Clearwater FL and can provide these services for you.

Does Bay Area Asphalt Maintenance fill cracks in asphalt? 

We do not often provide this service. Because of the quick oxidation of asphalt in Florida, filled cracks stand out. The new asphalt that is used to fill the crack is black and contrasts against the gray color that oxidated asphalt turns after a while. 

Crack filling is a temporary solution. We at Bay Area Asphalt recommend that if you notice many cracks in your parking lot or driveway, you should get it resurfaced instead of filling the cracks. Getting your lot resurfaced would give your business a cleaner and more professional look, as opposed to just filling the cracks. We also recommend that you get your parking lot or driveway sealcoated to prevent future damage and oxidation. 

Bay Area Asphalt Maintenance has been serving the bay area since 2003 and we would love to work with you to create a more professional look for your business. We provide services such as asphalt repair, sealcoating and parking lot striping in Clearwater FL. We look forward to serving you!