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What is Cheaper, Concrete or Asphalt?

Asphalt or concrete can be used to pave parking lots. However, a majority of parking lots are paved in asphalt because it is cheaper. Though there is a bit more upkeep involved in having an asphalt parking lot, it is a better investment than concrete. Regardless of the material you use to pave your parking lot, you will need to paint markers such as parking spot lines and crosswalks. This is called parking lot striping. In the Bay Area, many companies that pave parking lots also offer parking lot striping in Trinity FL. 

What is less expensive long term?

Upfront, asphalt is cheaper than concrete. However, just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it will cost less in the long run. So, what is the least expensive option long term? The answer to this question all depends on how well you take care of your parking lot.

Asphalt maintenance. Asphalt requires regular maintenance to make it last as long as possible. If you sealcoat it regularly, about every 18 months, and your parking lot experiences light traffic, it should last about 20 years before you have to repave it. However, this is heavily dependent on how much traffic it gets on a regular basis.

Concrete maintenance. For concrete, there is little maintenance that you have to do to increase its longevity. You do not need to sealcoat concrete parking lots like you do with asphalt. The only maintenance that is required is power-washing and striping. So, even though concrete is more expensive, it does typically last longer and is easier to upkeep. 

Which material is the better investment?

At Bay Area Asphalt, we believe that asphalt is the better investment. There are many ways that you can upkeep asphalt without having to repave, such as sealcoating and pothole filling. This is not the case for concrete. When repairs are needed to be done to a concrete parking lot, often the only option is to repave it. 

What can be done to make asphalt last longer?

One thing you can do to make your parking lot last longer is to increase the thickness of the asphalt that is laid. For a new parking lot, the typical depth is about 2 inches. Some companies will pave only at a thickness of an inch, a half inch, or even quarter inch. Thinner asphalt will tend to crack and break off more easily. However, you also do not want to pave it much thicker than 2 inches because it could cause water drainage issues. When parking lots are repaved, an inch of asphalt is usually applied.

Another thing that can be done to make your asphalt parking lot last longer is sealcoating. Sealcoating is a layer of tar applied over the asphalt to protect against damage caused by weather and traffic. After sealcoating is applied, restriping is needed. Most companies that do sealcoating also do parking lot striping in Trinity FL. 

Parking lot sealcoating in Palm Harbor FL

Bay Area Asphalt Maintenance has been serving Florida since 2003. We offer services such as asphalt paving, striping and parking lot sealcoating in Palm Harbor FL. If you or your business is looking to do repairs or routine upkeep on your parking lot, we would love to assist you.