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When Should You Sealcoat New Asphalt?

Sealcoat is a protective layer that is put on asphalt to prevent damage caused by weather and traffic. It also adds a finished look to a parking lot and restores the asphalt’s original black color, which fades due to air and sunlight exposure. As a company that offers parking lot sealcoating in Palm Harbor FL, we recommend that you sealcoat new asphalt within 9 to 18 months after it is put down. 

New sealcoating and maintenance

New asphalt can be sealed as early as 90 days. However, sealcoating that soon is not necessary. We recommend that new asphalt be sealed within 9 to 18 months of laying new asphalt. After the first sealcoat, we recommend that sealcoating be done every two years. 

The benefits of routine sealcoating

How often asphalt needs repair depends on how much traffic it gets. The more traffic your parking lot experiences, the sooner you will need to resurface it. Regardless of how much traffic you get, if you stick to sealcoating your parking lot every two years, it should double the life span that your parking lot would have without sealcoating. For example, if your asphalt needs to be resurfaced every 4 years, regular sealcoating will approximately double the length of time before it needs to be resurfaced to 8 years. 

If you are looking for parking lot sealcoating in Palm Harbor FL, you may have noticed the color of your parking lot fades fairly quickly. This is due to oxygen exposure, as well as heat and sunlight. Routine sealcoating will restore the asphalt’s black color and make it look new. 

Sealcoating vs Resurfacing

Resurfacing is repaving the asphalt. Sealcoating is adding a protective layer to the asphalt. Therefore, sealcoating does not repair asphalt. It will not fill potholes or cracks. If you need repairs done to your parking lot, we recommend that you have them done before getting your parking lot sealed. This will result in a more uniform look to your parking lot and prevent the repairs from standing out. 

What to do after sealcoating

After sealcoating, restriping needs to be done. This can be done as early as 24 hours after the sealcoat is laid. After your parking lot repairs are finished, we recommend waiting 24-48 hours until you let traffic back onto it.  

Parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL

In addition to sealcoating, we also do parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL. If you are looking for asphalt repair or maintenance on your parking lot or driveway, we would be happy to assist you. Contact us, today, if you are interested in working with us, or if you have any additional questions about asphalt sealcoating.