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What Will Happen to Asphalt if You Don’t Sealcoat It?

Asphalt sealcoating is a process in which a tar-based substance is applied to an asphalt parking lot, road, or driveway. Sealcoating protects from weather, sun, and traffic damage. It also keeps asphalt smooth and dark. If you do not sealcoat asphalt…

  • it will fade easily
  • and not last as long.

After sealcoating, striping will need to be redone. Therefore, when looking for an asphalt contractor, be sure to look for one that does sealcoating and parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL.

So, What Will Happen If You DO Sealcoat Your Asphalt?

Keep up the curb appeal

One thing that sealcoating does is it protects asphalt from oxidizing. If you do not sealcoat asphalt, it will be exposed to oxygen in the air, which will cause it to turn gray overtime. This makes your parking lot look old and unkempt, as well as causes the markers, such as crosswalks and parking spots, to stand out less. 

After sealcoating, restriping will need to be done. This is due to the sealcoat going over the entire parking lot, including the markers. Most asphalt contractors that do sealcoating also do parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL.

Prevent damage to your asphalt

Sealcoating also helps hold the aggregate in asphalt together for a longer period of time. Aggregate is material such as shells, rock or sand that make up a majority of the asphalt. It is held together by a binding agent called bitumen. Overtime, the bitumen will deteriorate, causing the aggregate to show through and break apart. This will make for a more rigid and bumpy parking lot, and your asphalt will eventually begin to crack. 

Asphalt sealcoat contains bitumen. Therefore, once the bitumen starts to break down and the aggregate begins to separate, sealcoating will provide more binding agent and will prevent it from cracking. 

Sealcoat regularly

If you wait too long to sealcoat asphalt, or don’t sealcoat it at all, you will have to repave it. The asphalt will get to a certain point where sealcoating will not help make asphalt last longer. Though it is possible to sealcoat very old and damaged asphalt, it will only last a few months until it starts to wear off. It also won’t repair the parking lot. It won’t fill cracks or holes, it will just make it look darker.

Repaving is expensive, which is why it is better to regularly sealcoat asphalt in the long run. This is why we recommend sealcoating your parking lot every two years.

Sealcoating and striping in Palm Harbor FL

Are you looking to have maintenance done on your asphalt parking lot or driveway? We would be happy to help! Bay Area Asphalt maintenance has been providing services such as sealcoating and striping in Palm Harbor FL since 2003. 

Contact us, today, if you have any additional questions about sealcoating, or if you need asphalt maintenance or repair.

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