Companies that do parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL use federally approved traffic marking paint to create these markings on the asphalt. These indicators provide necessary information to keep people in parking lots safe.  Here are some markers that are commonly added to parking lots during striping:

  • Traffic flow arrows
  • Stop lines
  • Parking spot indicators
  • Cross walks
  • Handicap spots
  • Designated parking spots

Some questions that come up in regards to parking lot striping are as follows:

  • Can You Paint Asphalt? What can you use for parking lot striping in St. Petersburg, FL? Will parking lot sealcoating help? Can I use paint from the hardware store? Click through and find out more.
  • How Much Does Parking Lot Striping Cost? Sealcoating and striping do not have a set cost. How much parking lot striping in Palm Harbor FL or other locations costs will depend on several factors.  Read more to find out what these factors are.

When asphalt repairs have been made, and sealcoating has been added; the final step is parking lot striping.  This can be performed as early as 24 hours after the sealcoat is laid. After the parking lot repairs are finished, it is recommended to wait 24-48 hours until you let traffic back onto it.

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